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Hey there, I’m Wendi, and thanks for taking the time to know more about me. 😊

Growing up, most of my life has been spent in the beautiful land of Alaska, and I’ve always been an avid camper and outdoor person. If any of you are old enough to remember, there was this popular TV show in the late 70s called “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams”, which was about a frontiers woodsman who learnt to live off the land and was kind to animals.

I really enjoyed that show a lot as a kid and in fact one of my dreams was to marry Grizzly Adams when I grew up!  So much so that I would spend hours practicing my outdoor survival skills and making the best out of any situation, to prepare myself to marry Grizzly Adams when the time came!   

Talk about intense childhood crushes! 😊

Well, although this childhood dream was not fulfilled, it did however fuel my love for nature and the outdoor life, which has been a central part of my life ever since. I’ve been camping for years, joining backpacking, camping and mountaineering classes, as well as participating in summer and winter camping experiences.

Throughout my adult life, I’ve come to realize that my own personal “happy place” is spending time in the great outdoors and connecting with nature. And over time, I’ve managed to raise a family that also shares this passion as well, including glamping.

To me, glamping is about making the most of your outdoor experiences by adding ambience, wearing functional and fun camping apparel and learning more about nature. And it’s also about being comfortable, where comfort means happiness. Over the years, my own family’s glamping journey has gone from tents to car camping, and finally to our own tiny trailer, making each step more comfortable than the last. 

As a glamper myself, I want to be able to wear a cool and cute camping outfit, use products to keep my hair clean and learn how to use all the fun gadgets out there. And over time, I realized that there were other women out there who enjoyed glamping just as much as me. So I thought to myself – why not offer a fun monthly subscription service that will help and support these women? So after doing some brainstorming and initial research into the idea, Glamping Outside The Box (GOTB) was finally born! 😊

Through GOTB, I hope to inspire more women to get excited about glamping and join our awesome community, where you’ll get a chance to connect with other glampers and build long-lasting friendships. So if you’re currently a glamper, or thinking about becoming one, then why not sign up for GOTB today and join in the fun? 😊

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